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The most advanced solutions in the world for locating underground infrastructures

| sale of equipment for detecting infrastructures | detecting gas and water leaks | Water loss surveys and underground water leakage detection | Suction Excavation Services



Maya Ltd. is committed to give its employees and management a stimulating, supportive, warm and inspiring work environment that places an emphasis on the development of its employees.


Maya Ltd. is committed to providing advanced solutions in the field of locating water and gas infrastructure, and to continue to lead the field in the quality of our workmanship, professionalism and creative solutions.


We at Maya consider the use of state-of-the-art technologies, constant and consistent improvement and being at the crest of technological development as supreme values.

Quality of Service

Maya Ltd. is committed to providing high service and availability in accordance with customer needs, while paying strict attention to reliability, integrity and fairness, perfect response and service for the full duration of all our projects.

Our experience of over 34 years – is your peace of mind

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