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Maya M.I. Detecting and Mapping Underground Infrastructure Ltd., is the leading company in the field for over 30 years, with extensive knowledge in planning and executing complex projects.

The company specializes in detecting infrastructure and leakages, with a high quality of service, professionalism, expertise and innovation in the field.

The company provides a variety of services with an uncompromising dedication to professionalism and to the complete satisfaction of our customers based on our values:

  • Personal relationships

  • Quality service

  • Technological innovation

  • Professionalism

  • Action and Initiative

The aim of Maya M.I. Detecting and Mapping Underground Infrastructure Ltd., is to serve our customers’ point of view - to minimize their future expenses; to minimize the unexpected; to map the maximum discoverable information underground; to serve the following needs:

  • Detailed planning based on "existing conditions" and not on incorrect information.

  • Preventing risk to human life and damage to infrastructure.

  • Reducing underground water loss, especially in this era of water scarcity.

  • Ensuring continuity of services for residents.

How do we work?
Our work method produces a broad holistic solution, based on several stages:
  • Infrastructure survey.
  • Analysis and understanding the existing conditions.
  • Assembling a "puzzle" image giving an accurate and comprehensive picture of the status of the site's infrastructure.
The professionals at Maya Ltd., use the most modern equipment and technology available in the fields of - electroacoustics, electromagnetism, infrared, underground pipe photography, ground penetrating radar and infrastructure exposure.
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Our added value:

Execution of projects of any size
Up-to-date and varied equipment
Understanding customer needs
Fast service
Maximum flexibility
Anyone can set up a beautiful website,
purchase devices for detecting infrastructure from wherever
possible and use "do it yourself" methods.
What makes the difference is experience - We have it!

Our list of clients includes:

Planning offices, local authorities, engineers, water and sewage corporations, contractors, entrepreneurs, farmers, maintenance and development companies, economic companies:
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