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Suction Excavation Services

By means of suction excavation systems,
underground infrastructure can be exposed in densely populated areas with multiple sub-surface utilities,
without disturbing services to residents.

Maya Ltd. provides suction excavation services for the purpose of uncovering underground infrastructure

A suction excavation system avoids the need for "exploratory digging" or "physical exploration," which require heavy duty earthmoving equipment and may damage the infrastructure itself or cause environmental destruction.

Suction excavation is executed in accordance with site conditions and soil type, and is tailored to the particular customer needs.

With the support of our experienced professional teams, the earthwork is executed thoroughly and quickly, without damaging the existing utilitie

Maya Ltd. adheres strictly to the highest safety standards, to the satisfaction of its customers and infrastructure owners.

Why expose underground infrastructures with a suction excavation system?
Is there no equipment for detecting underground infrastructure without digging?

State-of-the-art technology, the only earth pump of its capacity in Israel.


  • Up to about 60 meters deep.
  • Up to 150 meters distance from the truck.
  • Increased suction power up to 47,000 cubic meters per hour.
  • Utilization of underground robots.
  • No danger of earthfall. 
  • Ability to pump most soil types.
  • Reduction of soil movement normally caused by traditional mechanical excavation and the resulting damage to infrastructure and plumbing.
  • Speeds up excavation; multiplies the output per working day.
  • Accurate and safe detection capability in areas dense with infrastructure.
  • Over 30 years of hands-on experience in detecting underground infrastructure

Maya Ltd. has state-of-the-art technologies and dedicated equipment for detecting and uncovering underground infrastructure.

Maya Ltd. uses various soil pumping systems suitable for different purposes, soil types and requirements, including:

  • Roof cleaning.

  • Pumping building waste.

  • Exposing sensitive underground infrastructures.

  • Pumping sand and wet materials in basements and other applications in built-up areas

The equipment is mounted on trucks. This enables:

  • Pumping and removing earth in bulk in large containers.

  • The accurate and safe positioning of pumps in dense infrastructure areas.

  • Dirt and sand pumping in places where access for large mechanical earth-moving equipment is limited.

  • Protecting the environment by pumping into closed containers and safe removal to approved sites.

  • Minimum inconvenience to normal routines in the work environment.

The service can be provided at flexible hours, with full commitment to the agreed time schedules, the clients’ needs, and the various legal and regulatory requirements.
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