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Repairing Water Leaks Without Digging

Fixing leaks and burst pipes in underground water pipelines, in areas with limited or impossible access, poses many challenges:
  • Damage to other existing infrastructure both above and below ground level.
  • Traffic disruption and disturbances to the routine of the area's residents.
  • High repair costs due to excavation requirements.

The only solution in the world for sealing holes in underground piping without digging has been patented by the Israeli company CurePipe.

How does it work?

The CurePipe method focuses on the repair of the leak and not on the entire pipe, so the solution is faster and cheaper than digging and replacing the pipe.

CurePipe is a hydraulic system that fixes leaks in motion and without depreciation. In this system two bodies transport material from one to the other. The bodies conduct a special polymeric material that identifies, enters and fills the void, and then captures the active substance, which then repairs the hole, or the crack, or connection between two sections of piping.

At the end of the process, the pipe is rinsed and water quality is tested for potability.

Advantages of the method

  • No precise detection of the location of the leak is required, it is sufficient to know the approximate area.

  • The material will repair any hole (up to 10mm) in that area, (if there are several holes, CurePipe will close them all).

  • The material is active in all types of pipes - plastic or metal.

  • Faucets, taps, fire extinguishers, etc. will not be affected by the materials (the material is rinsed out at the end of the treatment process).

  • Technology approved for use by the Standards Institute and Ministry of Health in Israel and other countries (see permissions below).

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