Water Loss and Leakage Surveys

Maya Ltd. is an importer, and exclusive distributor of leak detection equipment manufactured by Sewerin Company, Germany.
Maya sells equipment for infrastructure detection, and pin-point detection of underground leaks, including professional guidance of clients in the correct and effective use of the equipment.

The stages of the work:

  • Exploring the area, learning the route of the water system and its accessories, and planning the measurement stages.

  • Perform general and zone testing (Step Testing) to identify areas where water leakage and loss are suspected.

  • Based on the findings and conclusions of the first two stages, we conduct direct pipeline section inspections using a computerized electro-acoustic system for detection and leakage location.

  • The leakage is detected by connecting to the pipeline on a known route, and checking all the water pipes, from the mains meter of the water company to the customers’ water meters.

  • Water meters can also be tested.

 Water loss surveys include:

  • A status report including details of: actions taken, findings, precise location of leaks and recommendations for implementation.

  • An estimate of the amount and value of water loss as a result of a leak that has not been found so far.

Maya Ltd. are experts in the pin-point detection of underground leaks and precise marking of the leakage source.