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New at Maya!  Manhole Cover Opening Equipment 


Reduce risks arising from load handling

Opening a manhole sometimes seems like a simple and easy operation, but it actually involves a number of technical actions and solving operational, safety, and time-wasting issues, which experts are well acquainted with from their field experience.

Traditionally, opening a manhole requires a hammer and a chisel or in special cases, a tractor with a backhoe and creates many challenges in the field.

Opening with a hammer and a chisel does not meet the safety instructions that include:

  • Limiting the weight lifted.

  • There is little control over the required action.

  • Creates difficulty when sliding, difficulty when lifting a recessed lid.

  • Danger of dropping square lids into the manhole opening.

  • It often happens that the covers are so tight that an attempt to open it will also cause the frame to be pulled out, thus causing damage.

Benefits of using Italifters tools:

  • Minimal weight.

  • Compact dimensions.

  • Complete, easy and convenient operation.

  • Proven solution to most lifting problems in the field.

  • One-year manufacturer's warranty.

This equipment has been proven by many tests executed in difficult situations and it resolved most of the lifting problems in the field.

In accordance with ISO 11228 - Ergonomics - Manual handling, lifting and carrying.

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